Photography in and out of the Wadden Sea National Park is a fairly large part on Reason enough to write a few words about what makes up this very special environment and which peculiarities have to be considered, when photographing here.

At the first glance, the North Sea area is above all - very flat and tidy - one might almost say: boring. It takes time untill small creatures stand out for recordable: buried shells in the mudflat, small flowers and insects in the salt marshes, birds on a sandbank. Nevertheless, the landscape remains what it is: flat, monotonous, straight.

Just that is the point for the photographers eye: On the one hand I have to fill the picture with moods and moments, putting the focus on a specific subject, a structure directing, a cloud image. However, at the same time the unique vastness of the landscape has to be tangible. This is the permanent search for the right level of abstraction.


A touching picture created with some limited ingredients only:

Light. Nothing is fundamentally more important for landscape photography. Since now, there has been no place, where I envisioned it as grand as in the straight, wide landscape of the Wadden Sea. Always it is waititing for the right moment. If the light attends to the landscape mudflat, salt marsh and the horizon only become a stage for a spectacle. This can be both the kitschy sunset, the plummeting storm or a flock of birds.

Precisely such a moment is a true spectacle since the wide environment means 360 degrees of sight. Normally things happen totally adverse if you changeyour direction of view. When I stand in the midst of which, I can only marvel and admire. Finally, the photograph I take with me is not only the exact present, but re-displays my emotion of the moment aswell.


Carrying a moment with me is primarly, what I try in every walk through the National Park. Doing this moment-freezing by my camera, I can re-experience an emotion theoretically for ever. I am quite concerned only for myself!

 But sometimes it is possible to reach other people with one or another moment in retrospect, to inspire them or even cerate an emotional moment in anothers head aswell.

If that works only occasionally, then I can help a tiny little bit in advertising the incredible treasure we host on our planet.