Moonrise over an arctic ice desert, heavy storm at the North Sea coast, ascending Fog in the forest, when the dawn is breaking, huge flocks of birds, performing daredevil maneuvers, towering clouds up to the horizon.

What do all those situations have in common?

They are all stunning and graceful natural moments that impress me deeply. Transporting such moments and my experience to others, is what drives me to photography. For all we know nature, we know plants, animals and landscapes, but we are rarely aware of what it means to be deeply impressed maybe even awestruck.

"Nature has to be felt." (Alexander von Humboldt)

Feeling and beeing amazed, that is what I do and am when on the go in unique natural areas around the world, but aswell if I experience our "Mother Earth" quite nearby. At the same time, I realize again and again how vulnerable and fragile the little bit of remaining wilderness on our planet is, in regard of the human presence.

It is my hope that perhaps you can  now and then be awed a little bit about the uniqueness of life and nature, while browsing through my photographs. Enjoy!



Moritz F. Adam, born in 1997, grew up in Westphalia close to the city of Münster and in Prague (Czechia). First experiences in "photography" with the age of 14. Travels to california and to many US national parks, in europe, to the french atlantic coast and the german sea. Worked for the natural society "Schutzstation Wattenmeer e.V." during a volunteer service at the famous lighthouse of Westerhever in the Waddensea National Park. Now studying physics at the university of Heidelberg since 2016.